Because of Him

Easter is a totally over-commercialized holiday.  While the Easter bunny, Easter baskets, and finding eggs are totally RAD, we need to be so careful to not make those wonderful traditions Easter.  They are NOT Easter.
I love this video.  It is simple and exhibits the meaning of Easter.  The true, beautiful meaning. I highly recommend that you watch this.  At first it does not seem spiritual in nature and then it all makes sense.

Making Easter Treats

Easter is upon us, and I really do NOT like all of the horrible candies that are available commercially.  They are full of chemicals that are seriously unhealthy and cause behavior changes in children.  Alright, I'm off my soap box.  We decided to make our own treats still full of lots of sugar :) but without chemical carcinogens, synthetic fats, toxic preservatives, etc.  OK, OK.  I know I said I was off the soapbox.
I tried to give Atticus an adult, masculine apron.  He declined for a small, pink princess apron.  I said, "I offered the the other because I didn't think you wanted pink" to which he replied, "Mom, pink is cool!"  That's right, Buddy.  Own it. Love it.


While visiting my family where I grew up in Palos Verdes, CA, I had to take my kids to the ocean.  We went to R.A.T Beach (Right After Torrance) where you can find tide pools at low tide on the south end.  The sun was shining, and the kids were so absorbed with exploring and playing with rocks, sticks, shells whatever they could find.  I spent the time talking to my mom whom I have not seen in far too long.  It was the most refreshing day!  It was amazing how sometimes just stopping, relaxing the mind, and being IN your surroundings is so therapeutic.
 Children don't need electronics or toys to self entertain.  They were so content and didn't want to leave.

Roxcy and her cousin Rachel making fishing poles to fish in "Peewater Springs"


Alright, so I haven't blogged in like 3 years.  I am sure my 5 followers are not too disappointed. Here's to new beginnings!

Hunter spent 1/2 the day in the infirmary with a stomach ache.  Did you even know there is an infirmary at Disneyland??

Left to Right…Mom, Kristine, Hunter, Kathryn, Roxcy, Alexis

Alexis' Birthday

The only snow this winter

 Above is the guest house.  Nice birthday gift for Atticus from his Grandad.

Taking Photos for our Christmas Card

 In order to not have to bathe, do hair, and dress twice we attempted to do these pictures before church.  Killing 2 birds with one stone, right?  Well, the first 3.2 minutes were happy, and then it all headed South.  Chris and I resorted to bribes then threats.  All in all, we were very late to our 1 pm church service!!  The expressions in some of these are priceless.

I thought it would be so easy to get on the roof to put up Christmas lights.  Yet when I got up there I totally panicked.  I clung to the gable and cried.  I called my husband on his cell phone who helped me get down.  Hilarious!  Anyway, he ran around like a Gazelle on the roof and put up all the lights.  We bought good ones at the after CHristmas sales for next year.


Here is Atticus taking his turn and a sweet spill.

Hunter's First Ride
Alexis' First EVER Ride!

Going to Cut Down our Christmas Tree 2010

 Hunter Elizabeth

Uncle Steve and Cousin Darek

Hunter, Atticus, and cousin Kian
Atticus James
Chris and his 1993 favorite Norwegian jacket and brother's dog, Magnus
Beautiful cousin, Alyssa.

Hunter preparing for a snowball ambush.

Cousins Alyssa and Tanner
Little Roxcy enjoying being toted around

Cousins Darek and Taryn

Alexis making a snow angel.

Roxcy @ 8 Months